Merge Dragons way to play for the best entertainment


The game of Merge dragons is a game type of puzzle. The people who love challenges can play and enjoy the game by discovering the eggs and matching objects of the game. Not only this they also boost the power of the dragon by hatching the eggs in the main camp but also have to save the dragon from the evil frog which is occupying the main camp.

How you will start this game?

After downloading the game free you can start your journey of 600 quests which challenge your mind. Before playing you have to find out 31 dragons breeds which line in the vale and different 8 stages to grow them. As you match 3 objects of the game like as trees, eggs and so on, you add in the power of the dragon. In the game you have to be very careful and watch out the hidden evil Zomblins.

Breed new dragon

After careful search you can discover 31 dragons. What you have to do is to hatch the collected eggs in the main camp. This will save your camp from the evil frog and you will get more objects to make your dragon powerful.

What happens when you match 3 or more objects?

  • First of all as you match 3 or more objects trees and eggs for example, you challenge yourself and you try to do your best to play the game.
  • Second of all, you unleash more than 500 fantastic objects and interact with them.
  • Moreover, you unleash the power to heal the vale.
  • Finally you are vale to create new breeds and meet the quest.

Few more things to be familiar with

The land or vale has different legends, magic, quests and a secret land of entertainment.

Encounter and solve challenging puzzle and you are able to bring more rewards to your camp and grow them successfully.

Try to match the quest on the daily basis. After two weeks, new themes are being provided to you.

Don’t stop yourself from enjoying the game of Merge Dragons.